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Launch "The History of Shiloh Methodist Church/Jewish Community Center, Bangor, PA."

This talk is a brief history of the Shiloh Welsh Methodist Episcopal Church and, later, the Jewish Community Center, in Bangor, PA.

Full Transcript of "The History of the Shiloh Methodist Church/Jewish Community Center, Bangor, PA."

The Black Panther Party was founded October 15, 1966, in Oakland, California.

The two years that the Black Panthers were in Jersey City were a mirror image of what was happening on the national level. Controversy and violence overshadowed their attempts to create a better environment.

Watch the history of the Jersey City Black Panther Party

Launch "Bangor at War: The Movie"

In 1945, Shadrack E. Graham filmed a movie in Bangor, Pennsylvania, featuring the organizations, churches, buildings, industries and people of Bangor, Roseto, and Pen Argyl.

This presentation describes my search for the movie.

Full Transcript of "Bangor at War: The Movie"

Launch "The Esso Oil Storage Project"

"At Wind Gap, we plan to store, in abandoned slate quarries, household heating oil produced in the summer months for winter consumption. This is the first attempt in this country so to utilize the vast storage potential represented by these idle mines."

Full Transcript of "The Esso Oil Storage Project"

Launch "Flying Saucers to Human Flies"

The four stories presented in this unusual collection tell of flying saucers, perpetual motion machines, the champion walker, and human flies. All of these things happened in the Slate Belt once upon a time.

Full Transcript of "Flying Saucers to Human Flies"

Launch "Slate Tombstones of the Slate Belt"

A pictorial discussion of slate tombstones found in the Slate Belt of Pennsylvania. The talk covers the historical and artistic use of slate within the cementeries of the world's largest slate quarrying region.

Full Transcript of "Slate Tombstones of the Slate Belt"

Launch "The Murder of Edith Ford"

In 1935 a woman's body was found floating in a cistern on the border between Bangor and Roseto, Pennsylvania. The subsequent police investigation and even national press could not uncover who killed Edith Ford.

Full Transcript of "The Murder of Edith Ford"

Launch "The Wreck of the Morro Castle"

In 1934, the ship S.S. Morro Castle caught fire and burned off the coast of New Jersey. It was believed to be arson. Two people from Bangor, PA, Herman and Pearl Panimo, were on board and survived.

Full Transcript of "The Wreck of the Morro Castle"

Launch "A 50 Year Promise: Lt. Harold Dietz & Col. Herbert Frye"

On Sept. 11th, 1938, Lt. Harold Dietz was killed when his plane crashed at the Easton Airport (PA). Present was Dietz's friend Lt. Herbert Frye. Frye made a promise to Dietz's memory, which he kept for 50 years.

Full Transcript of "A 50 Year Promise: Lt. Harold Dietz & Col. Herbert Frye"

The Jewish Community Center of Bangor, PA, was one of the smallest synagogues in the United States. Founded in 1945, it occupied the former Shiloh church, built 1890, at 27 S. 4th St.

Student rabbis from the New York Jewish Theological Seminary served the congregation. These men were Harold Schulweiss, Raphael Gold, and American author Chaim Potok.

Read a comprehensive history of the JCC.

What do missing monkeys, explosive rice, and freak lightning have in common? They all played a part in the varied history of the Slate Belt of Pennsylvania.

Find out more in the enjoyable The Slate Belt Compendium of Strange Events. Edited by myself, illustrated by the amazing Tim Jacobus

The book is available for $0.99 at Amazon in KINDLE version. Buy it

In 2012, I took a 2-week trip to Paris.

I documented my journey in words and pictures. Come along with me as we explore this great city.

Listen to and/or purchase an album of instrumental guitar music written and perfomed by myself.